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Every day, children learn to value and see the beauty of reading with the Ingus and Pingus series. Inspire your kids’ future life with the right books. Let me show you how. It’s easy as pie…!


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The Moral

Don’t sabotage your kids future and make the dumb mistake with your children that everyone is making. Help your kid read amazing books as early in their life as you can. 

Remember, before puberty, the young child’s brain is flexible, most susceptible to learning and development. And after puberty…BAM…the window of opportunity closes and in some cases for good.


Don’t get me wrong, you can still learn, wisen up and polish up your skills as an adult, but the deeply rooted fundamentals must be hard-coded into the mind before puberty passes to achieve true greatness.

Just imagine what would happen if your children became addicted to my poetic storytelling that’s injected with my special writing technique, which really enlivens in Rap NoveL 2, going forward.

You see, I wrote the Ingus and Pingus series in hopes for your children to get the most out of reading. And sure enough, every day, kids around the globe transform into loyal fans and fanatics, addicted to the Ingus and Pingus books.

Ultimately, this series is written with all children in mind but it’s specially tailored towards children with low attention span or learning challenges just the same. Can you imagine what your little reader can achieve with real books? Just IMAGINE, who your sweetheart might become if only he/she became a true reader, someone, who really enjoys reading books. Picture it in vivid colors — it’s that important in today’s society.


The Possibilities Are Endless

And why force your kids to read boring books when you can instead lay a book down in front of them that is so good and so exciting they can barely look away. And that’s exactly what my unconventional series aims to do for your family in a unique way.


Finally! Boring Books Are The Thing Of The Past…




Ingus and Pingus
In the
Wild Wild Amazon Jungle


Here’s Everything You’ll Get Inside:


  • Rap-NoveL 1 — Ingus Meets Pingus (cute)
  • Rap-NoveL 2 — Ingus and Pingus Become Friends (clever & creative and full of magic)
  • Rap-NoveL 3 — Santos and Mantos (lots of fun, awesome raps)
  • Rap-NoveL 4 — Ticky-Tocky-Tock (suspenseful and nerve wrecking)
  • Rap-NoveL 5 — George the Marvelous Beast (just wait till you get to this one – it’s a bit long but it’s my personal favorite)
  • All Rap NoveLs are mixed up with empathy and humor, and written with my special “ADD Killer” technique to gift your precious with valuable lessons, develop your son’s or daughter’s memory with exciting details, break free the wild imagination, awake the addiction to reading within and so much more…

When you act NOW!

  • You’ll Get My Fun Surprise — Hint hint: Not much reading here and you can thank me for the weeks of fun later.
  • And 1 More Rap-NoveL Bonus On Me — You’ll receive my upcoming Ingus and Pingus Rap NoveL 1 from series 2 sent directly to your inbox. It’s my way of saying thank you and hopefully, a pleasant way to give you a kick in the butt.


Remember, this series packs one inspirational punch, all while providing hours of addictive and engaging entertainment, never seen anywhere else! And you only experienced a mini glimpse of what’s ahead from the Rap NoveL 1 intro. But the real genius is eagerly waiting for you both inside.



Imagine Having The Smartest Kid In Class That Loves To Read Books

Finally!! Your child can get excited about reading for a lifetime!!


Here’s what Nathalia had to say about Rap NoveL 1:

“When we were done my daughter stated she really did enjoy this book. This is a great book for a parent and child to read together and keeps them entertained. It is always good to have a book that my daughter actually enjoyed vs having one that I have to force her to read which I did not with this one.”

— Nathalia


This is what Bambi had to say:

“My children were in love with this book. It was creatively written and it actually captured their attention not sure why or how but they really enjoy this book. It took me awhile to review this because of my children constantly bugging me to read them this book. Within today’s society it is very hard to get a book that a child will like. Books are in constant competition with video games and electronics but this book actually took my children minds off their iPods and games and they actually sat down and listened to this book. OVERALL GREAT BOOK!”

— Bambi

And you can find more inspirational stories like these at the bottom of this page in the comments section, once it starts filling up.

Unleash Your Love For The Astonishing Power Of Ingus And Pingus


— “What formats will I receive?”

You will get one simple link (no need to worry about formats) with easy to follow step-by-step instructions in case you’re digitally challenged like my grandmama (sorry gram! Hehe, I hope she doesn’t see this somehow). This way, you can start to enjoy the Ingus and Pingus series on any gadget you so desire in high quality, even your Cell Phone, Tablet and Kindle RIGHT NOW!

— Is there inappropriate, foul or offensive language in the Ingus and Pingus series?

NO, absolutely not and it’s a shame that the so-called “authors” out there think that’s acceptable, ever!

— For what age did you intend Ingus and Pingus Rap NoveLs?

My guesstimate would be, roughly between the ages of 3-12 (give or take) but it’s funny you ask. Why? Because we have 70-year-old “children” hungering for the Ingus and Pingus In the Wild Wild Amazon Jungle series like the big children at heart they are and devouring it with great appetite and apprehension.

So What’s Your Delay? Get Your Copies Of Ingus
And Pingus And Make My And Your Child’s Day!



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Inugs and Pingus Series Is Only $25
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If you have any questions, email inguspingus@gmail.com. We’ll be standing by.

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100% Satisfaction GUARANTALLY!

I would be 
ashamed to accept even charity if I didn’t utterly believe in or stand behind my pride and joy. Therefore, I know without a shadow of a doubt that your kid will LOVE it and will be begging you for more.

So much so in fact, that if for some uncanny reason (unexplainable by God Almighty, himself) he/she does not kindly email us within 30 days and we’ll promptly refund you every last penny (100% in FULL) and you can kiss those books goodbye. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No kidding.


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Feel free to use this template: “Hey, I’m [insert your name]. My [son’s/daughter’s] experience with Ingus and Pinus was [insert your comment].

Please be 
courteous to others especially since this is a public announcer. We all highly appreciate your input!
(I read every single comment)

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